FAQ: Domain Names


  • What is a domain name and why do I need one?

    A domain name is the bit of an Internet address that comes after the www. For example, thedentalweb.org is our domain name. It is the address (known as URL) by which you are known on the Internet. Simply, if you have your own website, then you should have your own domain name - for example, if your dental practice is called High Street Dental Practice, you would want as an address www.highstreetdental.co.uk if it is available.

  • How do I choose a name?

    To be effective, you need a name that sounds good, is easy to use and describes what you do. It needs to be memorable and easy to type. It defeats the object if you have to spell it out every time or if you have tried to be clever using 4 instead of for or four. Hyphens especially should be avoided as people won't always remember it, may not remember where it should appear and may mistake a hyphen for a dash or underscore. Very long names should also be avoided if possible.

  • Do you have any dental names from which to choose?

    Yes, we have a selection of dental domain names which are for sale. Alternatively, we will try to find a suitable one for you. Contact us to request details and please provide details of your name, practice name, town you practice in, any specialist services you offer etc so we can try and offer the most appropriate names.

  • Will my domain name be mine forever?

    Unfortunately, no. The initial registration period is for one or two years only and must be re-registered every year or two years thereafter or you could lose the name to someone else. Country level domains such as .co.uk have different registration periods to Global level domains such as .com .net and .org. Other specialist names ending in .tv .cc and .eu also have different registration and renewal requirements. The costs of registration and renewal are now inexpensive and we do have special rates for members. If you have registered your name with us we will send you an invoice when renewal becomes due. (This is included in some of our hosting packages).

  • I'm not quite ready for a web site but I would like my own domain name. Can I use this for email?

    Yes indeed - we would certainly encourage you to use your own domain for email as it helps to reinforce your name and conveys a more professional image. john@johnsdental.co.uk sounds so much better than johnp122@somefreeservice.com, doesn't it? Let us know what name(s) you would like and we will set it up for you. (Please try to provide a few alternatives in case your chosen name is not available).

  • Why a .co.uk domain name? Why not a .com?

    You can register most domain extensions although some have restrictions. We include a .co.uk name in our UK packages as it is more appropriate and your ongoing costs are lower. If you are a corporate or are a large or specialist practice looking to attract overseas patients, you may prefer a .com or other domain extension - you simply pay the extra cost. Other extensions include .net (now for Internet Service Providers only), .org, .org.uk, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk (the latter two are subject to checking by Companies House). Also available are .eu for European use and many other extensions. Please ask us for some advice.

  • How do I know if the name I want is available?

    We will check that for you. Simply give us three choices and we will try them in order of preference. If we are unable to register one of those, we will look for similar names and come back to you with some suggestions. Alternatively, you now have the option to do this yourself by checking domain names right here on the site

  • I don't know what name I want - can you help?

    Yes of course we can. Let us have details of your practice name and that of the main dentist and any specialist services, plus your address, and let us see what we can come up with for you. We'll endeavour to find at least three from which you can choose.

  • I have more than one practice - do I need a website and domain name for each?

    That depends on what you want to achieve. If each practice is run independently and as a completely separate concern, you might choose to have a site for each practice and a different name for each. In most cases however, we would recommend a single site which covers all satellite practices, where each has a separate area on the main site or is run as a sub-domain. An example would be johnsdentalpractice.co.uk/exeter and johnsdentalpractice.co.uk/tiverton Run as a subdomain it would appear as www.tiverton.johnsdentalpractice.co.uk This is quite a complex area and one which needs come careful consideration. Let us help you choose.

  • I already have a domain name - can I transfer it to your servers?

    Certainly. You will need to activate the transfer by requesting a release from your current hosts. Please contact us for the information you will need to supply. Once you have done this, please notify us so we can activate your domain, and let us know which hosting package you wish to take. The transfer should take no more than 24-48 hours to complete but you may not be able to upload any files until the DNS (Domain Name Server) has resolved the change. Once the transfer is complete, we will create your FTP account and you will have full access to your site. As an added bonus, we can create as many email addresses on your domain as you require and can provide you with your own Control Panel so that you have complete control.