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aMac Digital Radiography  Popular

The aMac Digital Radiography System is a Mac OS X application for acquiring, viewing and storing x-rays for dentistry. All x-rays for a particular patient can be viewed from aMac?s main screen, then viewed or enhanced as necessary. aMac?s views include single periapical (vertical and horizontal), vertical and horizontal bitewing views and a fullmouth series view.

Other important features include: the implementation of the OraCam intraoral camera, image archiving and restoration, image comparison (including bwx and fmx), exportation of images to other applications, drop images from finder, image filtering and manipulation functions, zoom and seamless integration with Mango Dental Software.


Version: 1.5.1 Demo
Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.1 or later
Filesize: 118 bytes
Added on: Jun-02-2004
Downloads: 29

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Messenger LAN 

Instant messenger for local networks. Instant, fast and discretely get connected inside your dental clinic. No Internet connection is required.


Version: 2.0
Compatibility: WinXP
Filesize: 2.67 MB
Added on: Feb-15-2007
Downloads: 5

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